Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is a valuable preventive treatment that plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health. It is a thin, protective coating
applied to the surfaces of teeth, particularly the areas prone to decay. The varnish contains a high concentration of fluoride, a natural mineral
that strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks and decay-causing bacteria. Applying fluoride varnish is a quick and painless procedure, typically performed during routine dental check-ups. Once applied, the varnish adheres to the teeth and slowly releases fluoride over time, providing a sustained protective effect. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals at a higher risk of developing
cavities, such as children, teenagers, and those with dry mouth conditions or a history of tooth decay. Fluoride varnish not only helps prevent
cavities but also remineralizes early tooth decay, reversing the initial stages of damage. By incorporating fluoride varnish into your dental care
routine, you can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and enhance the long-term health and strength of your teeth.

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